White oak hardwood flooring is renowned for its stylish, contemporary, looks and its ability to revive any home with fresh, clean, energy. White oak and its sister flooring type, red oak hardwood, havewhite oak hardwood flooring in belleville been incredibly popular here in Belleville and across the United States for decades. In fact, oak hardwood flooring is so beloved that it makes up over 50% of all hardwood flooring sales. If you’re interested in installing an oak flooring variety in your Belleville home, read on to learn more about what makes white oak an especially appealing option.

Advantages of White Oak Flooring

While both red and white oak hardwood flooring have their benefits, white oak flooring excels in a number of categories. While white oak flooring can be more expensive than red oak, it offers a host of unique perks that tip the scales in white oak hardwood’s favor for many homeowners.

Increased Durability. Any oak hardwood flooring variety is a smart choice for homeowners interested in durability, and white oak hardwood flooring builds even further upon red oak hardwood’s hardness. While red oak hardwood flooring scores an impressive 1290 on the Janka scale, white oak boasts a 1360 rating. This means white oak hardwood flooring is well equipped to handle the challenges of high-trafficked areas of the home.

Uniform Grain Pattern. One significant difference between white oak and red oak hardwood flooring is the grain patterns of each. While red oak flooring offers a unique, bold, grain pattern that appeals to many homeowners, white oak offers a uniform, fine, grain pattern that fits other tastes perfectly. If your style trends towards fresh and contemporary, white oak hardwood flooring may be a perfect fit for you.

Superior Staining. That same fine grain pattern that makes white oak hardwood appealing to many homeowners also means that this oak flooring option takes stains exceptionally well. White oak hardwood flooring can be made to match other hardwood flooring types you admire like Brazilian Cherry or Mahogany hardwood flooring.

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