prefinished hardwood flooring in bellevilleLooking for prefinished hardwood flooring in Belleville, IL?  Look no further than Floor Coverings International Metro East.  We proudly provide prefinished hardwood flooring for the greater Belleville area.

What is a Floor’s Finish?

A floor’s finish refers to its top protective coating, which will guard against damage from wear, stains, or moisture.  The finish can either be applied during manufacturing, or it can be applied at the customer’s home.  If the flooring is applied during the manufacturing process, it’s referred to as prefinished or “factory finished.”  If the flooring is finished at the customer’s home, it’s referred to as “unfinished” or “site-finished.”

Why Choose Prefinished Flooring?

Many say that prefinished flooring actually improves the final look of hardwood flooring, because the process of sanding and sealing each board individually before installation increases the floor’s uniformity. Prefinished flooring is also said to perform better over time than site-finished flooring because of the additional controls that the factory finishing process allows for; factory finished flooring is less exposed to the potential for human error than site finished flooring is.  And, of course, opting for factory finished flooring saves the customer time as prefinished flooring comes fully ready to install.

At Floor Coverings International Metro East, we work with manufacturers like Armstrong who have made incredible advances in prefinished flooring technology and have prefinished flooring available in both solid wood as well as engineered versions. If you’re looking for a beautiful hardwood solution with quick installation, prefinished flooring may be perfect for you and your home.  Contact us today to schedule your free Design Consultation and in-home estimate to work with one of our flooring experts on the details of your particular situation.  We’ll bring the flooring store to your door, so you can evaluate all of our prefinished hardwood flooring samples from the convenience of your own home.

Photo: PhotoSerg