The professionals at Floor Coverings International Metro East are consistently successful when it comes to helping Belleville homeowners locate hardwood flooring that will both meet their needs and fulfill their dreams. We recommend beech hardwood for those considering hardwood for their next space improvement project because of its natural charm, unmatched strength, and reasonable price tag.

beech hardwood in belleville


Beech is considered a hidden gem for Belleville homeowners due to its understated beauty that often goes unnoticed. This hardwood is easily distinguished by its modest strength and humble hardness, as well as its incredible price that agrees with almost any budget. It is harvested in various states across our nation, making it a more affordable alternative to its flooring competitors. Beech is significantly valuable to those in woodworking, serving as a key medium in the construction of musical instruments and crates, not only gorgeous hardwood floorings.

Design & Uses

This hardwood has a pale cream color that illuminates subtle notes of pinks and browns, featuring a deep grain that runs straight with a uniform texture and a natural luster. Beech has a distinct softness and natural glow with its unique rays and miniature pores that give it a charming, tender appeal. It has the power to set a room’s mood because it organically emits calming vibes in any atmosphere, making it an ideal flooring for any chaotic office space or busy child’s playroom.

Cleaningbeech hardwood in belleville

Little to no maintenance is required for this hardwood option. We encourage implementing the routine application of a sealant to aid in the protection of your new floor, however, it is unnecessary for its success and longevity.  Simple cleaning actions are recommended to ensure the safety of your floors, including taking a proactive approach to spills and messes, and dry mopping will help resist warping and molding. If a minimal maintenance flooring that you seek, we definitely suggest beech for your home.

Start Today!

The friendly staff members at Floor Coverings International Metro East would like to answer any questions that you may have regarding beech or hardwood in general. Give us a call to schedule a complimentary consultation and visit from our mobile showroom. Our experts can walk you through the process of a simple flooring update, directing you to the flooring selection that will best suit your individual needs. We proudly serve the greater [franchise_area_serve_1] area.

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