Saxony Carpet Samples, Belleville, ILSelecting a new carpet for your Belleville, IL home may seem like a simple task. But when faced with all the choices in carpeting, it can quickly become overwhelming. Saxony carpet is what generally comes to mind when someone thinks of carpet in a home, and it is a good starting place when considering the options.

At Floor Coverings International Metro East we’ve put together some information to help you understand what saxony carpet is and if it might be the right choice for you.

Characteristics of Saxony Carpet

Explanations of saxony carpet can range from the very specific, such as cut-pile half an inch high, to more general. Basically, saxony is a traditional cut-pile carpet where all the fibers are trimmed to an even length. There are two varieties of saxony carpet: standard saxony, or plush, and textured saxony.

Standard Saxony

The fibers on a standard saxony carpet are smooth and cut to an even length in one direction giving this carpet its plush look and feel. This is a very soft and luxurious carpet, making it an excellent choice for formal areas of your home. One drawback of this type of construction however, is that the fibers can be pushed in the opposite direction and the carpet will easily show footprints and vacuum tracks.

Textured Saxony

Textured saxony is of similar cut-pile construction, but the fibers on this carpet are slightly textured and then twisted in different directions versus the smooth, one directional fibers of the standard saxony. This appeals to many homeowners because the carpet will not show footprints and vacuum tracks. In fact, textured saxony is sometimes referred to as “trackless.”

Care and Maintenance

The fiber you select for your saxony carpet, whether a natural fiber like wool or a synthetic option like nylon, will affect the cost, care, and maintenance. However, all saxony varieties are densely-woven cut-pile carpets, making them relatively easy to care for. Dirt and debris are more easily released from this type of construction. Regular vacuuming and occasional cleaning will keep the carpet looking great. Stain-resistant fibers or finishes are also available for high-traffic homes.

If you are ready to explore the wide world of carpet, give us a call at Floor Coverings International Metro East. We’ll provide a free in-home consultation to help you make the right selection for your home.


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