indoor-outdoor carpeting Edwardsville, ILPatios and backyard areas are loved and appreciated by many Edwardsville homeowners who enjoy spending time outdoors. That’s why many of those people take care to give almost as much attention to creating a comfortable outdoor space as they do to creating one inside the home. One of the best ways to take advantage of the available comfort a patio can provide is by incorporating an indoor-outdoor carpet. Here we’ll explore this versatile flooring option and learn how to make use of it in your own home.

Indoor-Outdoor Carpet Materials

When it comes to selecting the type of material you want for your indoor-outdoor carpeting, there are many options available. One material that is growing in popularity is bamboo. This is a great option for those who are looking for a natural flooring solution, as it’s made of durable grass material. Another green option is sisal, which is cut from a cactus-like plant, dried, and treated to produce twine that can be woven into carpets. Both bamboo and sisal can give your Edwardsville patio a rustic and warming appeal. However, some natural materials are often more prone to mold and mildew growth when they don’t dry as quickly as their synthetic alternatives. One popular synthetic indoor-outdoor carpet option is olefin (also called polypropylene). This carpet fiber is durable, water and stain resistant, and can be used to create a variety of carpet and rug styles. Many olefin carpets also tend to be less expensive than many bamboo or sisal options.

Carpet Versatility

In addition to the style varieties, indoor-outdoor carpets are also appreciated for their versatility. One of the main benefits of this unique flooring option is they can be used as their name implies, both indoors and out. As the seasons change and the weather cools, you probably aren’t spending as much time on your patio. However, that doesn’t mean your floor covering has to be forgotten and go unused for the next few months. Indoor-outdoor carpets are designed to be able to be brought inside and used year-round. Their durability makes them ideal for use in high traffic areas of the home.

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