Frieze carpet is a cut pile carpeting option that can be a perfect fit for commercial spaces, busy families, or pet owners. Frieze carpets are made up of short strands, usually measuring less than ¼ inch, which are twisted together to create a curled appearance. The yarn in frieze carpets tends to fold over on itself, so it’s unlikely to show vacuum tracks, footprints and dirt.

Why Choose Frieze?

Frieze in Belleville Frieze carpets are low-maintenance carpets that are an excellent choice for either commercial properties like offices or for residential homes. There are a host of reasons behind frieze’s popularity:

Durability—Frieze’s tight weave helps keep this carpet looking newer for longer
Ease of Maintenance—Frieze prevents dirt and grime from sinking deeply into its fibers
Style—Frieze has all the aesthetic benefits of carpeting and helps bring your space to life
Allergy friendliness—Frieze carpets are often recommended for homeowners with allergies because their construction helps stop allergens from penetrating deeply into the carpeting


Disadvantages of Frieze Carpets

Because of their thick pile, frieze carpets do not come in complex designs, though some are made from variegated yarn to add texture and interest. Frieze carpets are also less “fluffy” than a traditional shag carpet, but for many homeowners, the trade off is well worth it.

Your Frieze Carpeting Store Option

At Floor Coverings International Metro East, we’re proud to carry a variety of frieze carpets in our line up. To find out if this carpeting option is right for your family, call us to schedule a Design Consultation. One of our local Belleville area flooring experts will bring our mobile showroom to you, so you can see our carpet samples in your own home and feel confident in the carpeting you choose. Every Design Consultation also comes with a free proposal and estimate; schedule your appointment today!