Metro East flooring grade level The Right Floor for the Right Level

Finding the right floor material is a process that deserves plenty of thought. Fortunately, the experts at Floor Coverings International Metro East are here to help! Today we want to talk about the right grade for the right floor. What level of your Belleville home is best suited for hardwood flooring? What about basement flooring? Check out these guidelines for flooring at the right level!

How We Determine Grade

The grade of a floor refers to its location relative to ground level. Above-grade floors are upstairs and basements are below-grade. When it rains, moisture can travel downward where it will ultimately rest below-grade, making basements prone to mold and other watery blights.

Basements (Below Grade)

In the worst case, a flood could ruin your water-vulnerable basement flooring. For basements, epoxy coats, vinyl, and ceramic tiles are resistant to water and provide solid, cool flooring during periods of high heat. Avoid carpet, cork, or anything else that tends to be highly porous or prone to retaining moisture.

Main Floor (At Grade)

This is the most versatile grade. Just about any flooring material can be used for the main floor. Hardwood, laminate, carpet, you name it – the main floor can be customized to your liking. This floor will often be the first you see on entering your home, so when selecting material for at-grade flooring, be sure to go with something welcoming! This is also the floor into which the most outside particles will be dragged, so anything that is easily cleaned or obscures stains can be a sound choice.

One other thing to remember: avoid cement at ground level or above as its weight cannot be safely supported, particularly above-grade.

Metro East flooring grade level

Upstairs (Above Grade)

Above-grade flooring follows the same rules as the main floor, but there are particular types of flooring that are better suited to your upstairs rooms. Cork is light and easy for an upper level to support. It is also supremely good at absorbing noise, which can come in handy for homes with children’s bedrooms upstairs.

The Professionals

Questions about floor grades, flooring installation, or anything else? For your free in-home consultation with Floor Coverings International Metro East, call us at the number below or schedule with us online. Let us personally assist you in finding just the right floors for your home. We proudly offer a wide range of carpet flooring choices to the greater O'Fallon, Edwardsville, and Belleville area.


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