Here at Floor Coverings International of Metro East, we have a soft spot for carpet. Sure, carpeting might not have the flair of some of our more exotic offerings like bamboo or cork flooring, but this classic’s reigned in American households for decades for a reason.carpet, metro east carpet, belleville carpet

Unfortunately, carpet’s long reign has given it plenty of time to gather a few myths around it. Fear not, though– your local Metro East flooring team is here to set the record straight about America’s favorite flooring. Read on to find out what four flooring myths you should let go of today.

  1. Allergy sufferers need to avoid all carpeting

One of the most pervasive myths about carpeting is that it’s an absolute no-go for families with allergy sufferers. Thankfully for those who love carpet’s cozy comfort, that’s just not true. Low pile carpeting (carpet with tighter, shorter, loops) helps prevent allergens and mold from gathering in your flooring well. If your family includes allergy sufferers, be sure to investigate low pile options before completely dismissing carpeting.

  1. Carpet is hard to maintain

Almost all flooring types require some sort of weekly maintenance, whether it comes in the form of a broom, mop, or vacuum. By vacuuming your floors regularly to prevent a build up of dirt and grime, you can prevent most carpeting problems without much effort.

  1. Steam cleaning is a great way to remove pet stains from carpeting

One myth that truly can damage your carpet is that steam cleaning your carpet is the right solution to pet stains. If your pet stains your carpet, it needs to be treated immediately with water to flush out the stain; steam cleaning’s heat locks in the pet stain instead of removing it.

  1. Carpet isn’t popular anymore

The idea that carpet is out of fashion in America is just plain false! Carpet remains the most popular flooring choice across the country and adds atmosphere and warmth to homes everywhere. If you’re a fan of carpeting, you’re in good company.

Ready to add carpeting to your home? The local Metro East flooring experts at Floor Coverings International are here to help. We serve the greater Metro East, Belleville, O’Fallon, Collinsville, and Edwardsville area and are proud to offer free, in-home, consultations and estimates. Give us a call today and make your carpeting dreams a reality!

Photo: Alena Ozerova