ASuzanne Tate A Sprinkled Nest Interviewt Floor Coverings International of Metro East, we love bringing you creative insight and perspectives from designers who are kind enough to share their stories. Today we have an interview with Suzanne, a real estate broker, design professional, and the blogger behind Sprinkled Nest.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

As a mom to two active kids, wife, licensed real estate broker, design professional, and blogger, I stay pretty busy. I can usually be found driving clients around town, at the side of a soccer field, or in front of my computer with either wine or coffee…depending on the time of day! I have been designing professionally for over 15 years, everything from commercial architecture to residential home design, interior design, and home staging. I love combining design and real estate by helping clients to not only find the house they like, but then turning it into a house they love with a little renovation and design.

2. Why did you decide to start a blog? What do you enjoy about blogging?

I started blogging in 2011. My husband’s job moves us around from time-to-time, and we happened to land in Temecula, CA for a bit. We had about 40 wineries just down the street from us! My blog began as The Wine{a}be, highlighting the delicious wineries, gorgeous southern California scenery, and all the design projects we were doing at our home. After we moved back to Illinois, I rebranded to Sprinkled Nest, Transforming House to Home. My blog now focuses more on design and decor, with a little bit of wine. I enjoy blogging because it is such a personal platform to share ideas and to meet people. I now have friends all over the globe because of it!

3. How would you describe your design style?

My design style is sort of modern traditional meets rustic vintage. I love combining classic pieces with a few unexpected pieces. I love clean lines juxtaposed with vintage beauty. There should be a balance. A room should look like it has been collected over time, be comfortable and personal.

4. Where do you find most of your inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere and can come from the most unexpected place! From a photo, a decorative pillow, a rug, not to mention all the inspiration that can be found online. However, every space, every house has its own story to tell and its own feel. The trick is figuring out what the space wants, what your clients want, and pulling those together in a harmonious design.

5. Tell us about a recent project you’re proud of.  

Most recently, I’m thrilled with the design of the main level of my own house! I don’t have any difficulty helping other people design their homes, but it sure is difficult to get my own house designed! The inspiration for my house actually came from a table I found on Craigslist. I refinished and repainted it with a rustic soft blue and dark espresso finish. It turned out beautifully, and the rest just sort of fell into place!


See a portion of Suzanne’s home tour below:

Suzanne Tate House Tour 1

Suzanne Tate House Tour 2

To keep up with Suzanne, you can follow her at Sprinkled Nest, or find her on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter!