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Finding the perfect carpeting can be a challenge. After all, with the hundreds of styles, colors, and materials that are available today, it’s no wonder that so many Belleville homeowners come to the experts at Floor Coverings International Metro East for help choosing just one. The trick to finding the right carpet is breaking it down category by category, so instead of asking “what is the perfect carpet?” you can ask “should I choose cut pile or loop pile for my den?” Read on for help choosing the right carpeting for your home.

Carpet Style

One of the first choices you must make is carpet style. This generally refers to the type of pile found in your tufted carpet. There are two “families” of carpets: cut pile and loop pile. Cut pile is softer, with long, exposed end fibers. Loop pile is shorter and tougher. What it lacks in comfort it makes up for in durability. Cut pile carpets, such as frieze, textured, and plush, are the more common choice for homes because they are soft and comfortable underfoot. Loop pile is great for high foot traffic parts of the home, but it’s most commonly found in office and even retail settings.

Carpet Fiber

belleville carpet floorsCarpets can be made from either natural or synthetic materials. The majority of carpets are petroleum based—made from polyester, nylon, or olefin. Nylon is the highest quality synthetic option and also the most expensive. It’s a great choice for homeowners that consider a carpet an investment for decades. Polyester and olefin are better options if you like to change your carpeting with the prevailing trends.

Natural carpeting made from materials such as wool are luxurious and have bright, vivid colors. They are also highly sustainable. They would be the most popular carpeting option if not for their cost. Wool is great choice for families that value lush, luxurious carpeting.

Carpet Color

Carpeting comes in every imaginable hue. Right now, neutral grays and beiges are the most popular carpeting color. Carpets take up a lot of space in a room, so subtlety is key. Area rugs can be used to add splashes of color to a space.

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