What are engineered hardwoods?

Engineered hardwood floors are a perfect fit for homeowners seeking a compromise between laminate flooring and soliengineered hardwood, hardwood floors, hardwood flooring, Belleville Flooringd hardwoods. Engineered hardwoods feature a top layer of solid hardwood, but they also include lower grade wood underneath its solid wood surface. This type of flooring debuted in the 1960’s and has only become more popular and more advanced with time.   Your Metro East Floor Coverings International team here in Illinois thinks you should be in the know about this fantastic flooring option.

Why should you consider engineered hardwood flooring?

Engineered hardwoods are a great fit for many families because they combine form and function at a price that won’t bust your budget. Engineered hardwoods resist moisture, so they don’t have the warping problems of natural solid wood floors. At the same time, engineered hardwoods offer your home solid hardwood’s aesthetic beauty. Engineered hardwoods are also, of course, easier on your wallet than solid hardwood options.

Are there any drawbacks to engineered hardwoods?

Engineered hardwood floors are still more expensive than budget friendly options like carpeting or laminate. This flooring is a fit for families who want a hardwood look without the hefty price tag, but it’s not necessarily for those in need of a low cost option overall. Families considering engineered hardwoods also need to prioritize working with a reputable flooring store and avoiding low quality engineered hardwood. If your hardwood was constructed without care, it’s likely to compromise the stability and integrity of your flooring.

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