laminate flooring Belleville

Let’s assume that you already know the basics about laminate flooring: it’s extremely durable, quick to install, resistant to moisture, and responsibly repurposes byproducts of the lumber industry. While these are all important things to know, if someone asks you what exactly laminate is and how it’s made, would you be able to give them a satisfying answer?

laminate flooring Belleville

If you’re not sure, don’t worry! That’s why the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Belleville chime in every now and then to offer some helpful tips and info. Our goal is to make sure that Belleville homeowners understand exactly what their options are. Ready to feel confident choosing the perfect flooring material for your home and family? When you’re done with this article, you’ll have a better understanding of how laminate flooring is made and why it’s so strong.

Take It From the Top: Wear-Layer

An invisible protective surface, the wear-layer is the one you come into contact with. This layer is made of melamine, aluminum oxide, or some combination of the two. We measure the strength of the wear-layer with the Abrasion Class (AC) scale, which runs from 1-5. A rating of AC2 or AC3 is more than enough for residential spaces.

Looks Matter: The Décor Layer

Also called the “Image Design Layer,” this is the layer you’ll actually see. It is either just beneath, or part of the wear-layer. The décor layer perfectly replicates hardwood, stone, tile, or other natural materials. Though the design is printed on paper, it has depth and texture; even experts often can’t tell the difference between laminate images and the real thing.

laminate flooring Belleville

Core Values: High Density Fiberboard Core

The core of laminate planks is made of high-density fiberboard combined with resins that provide moisture resistance and reinforcement. You can’t see this layer, but it’s responsible for giving each plank stability and structure. The core is by far the thickest layer. 

Back to the Future: High-Tech Waterproof Backing

A final layer at the bottom of each laminate plank does double-duty as a foundation and as a barrier against moisture. This bottom layer is made of resin-saturated paper—a small addition, but when combined with the other layers, the result is flooring of unmatched strength and reliability for your Belleville home.

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