If you love carpeting, you’re not alone! Despite trends towards hard surface flooring, carpet remains the most popular flooring type across the country. Families who are interested in purchasing new carpeting, though, have a tough choice ahead of them—should they opt for a low pile or high pile option?metro east carpet, low pile carpet, high pile carpet

Floor Coverings International of Metro East Illinois wants to take the guesswork out of choosing a carpet type. While both high and low pile options make a great choice for your home, both do have their own distinct plusses and minuses. Read on to find out which carpet type is the right fit for you!

What does high pile vs. low pile mean?

Before we can talk about whether high pile or low pile is right for your family, it’s important to clarify what “pile” means in the carpeting world. Pile refers to the fabric loops of your carpeting—the soft surface that’s made carpet so popular and enduring. If a carpet is called “high pile,” it means the fibers are taller and looser. Shag carpet, for example, is a well-known high pile option. Low pile carpeting, on the other hand, has shorter carpet fibers and tighter loops.

High pile might be right for you if….

  • You’re interested in carpet for its warmth and comfort. High pile is known for the cozy home atmosphere it helps create.
  • You don’t want your carpet to become flatter over time. Despite its taller loops, high pile carpet is less likely to flatten than low carpet options.
  • You love the luxurious look that full, fluffy, carpet offers.

Low pile could fit your family if….

  • Your home includes allergy sufferers. A low pile carpet helps prevent allergens from lodging within your carpet’s surface
  • Easy cleaning is important to you. Low pile carpet’s flatter surface makes it easier to remove stains quickly and thoroughly.
  • You’d like to carpet a dining room or playroom. The smoother surface that low pile carpet offers allows chairs or toys to move across your flooring with ease.

Whether your family prefers low pile or high pile, there’s a carpeting option for you, and your Floor Coverings International team of Metro East wants to help you find it. We serve the greater Metro East, Belleville, O’Fallon, Collinsville, and Edwardsville areas. Call us today to schedule a free, in-home, consultation, and let us help you discover the perfect floor for your family!



Photo: Syda Productions