Loved the hickory floors presented
Myra H McMullen
Debra Thomas
Wonderful floor covering products...carpet and Floor Covering International! Customer Service is outstanding!
Richard Slackman
Great job by a pair of really nice guys! I enjoyed having them in my home!
Nancy Barbee
Very friendly and easy to work with.
Stefanee Keth
Install was a little haphazard. Varley looks good though.
Jay Swett
Coming to the house with samples was great
Stephanie Schultz
Dan & Margo Wolf are very pleased with the job Brian Webb and his crew did for us on our kitchen floor. An awesome job was done on leveling out all the beams/rafters and putting in a new subfloor and then the new wood floor. Now we wish we had done all the wood floor in the front entry/hall. We like that we moved our island over, giving us more room by the refrigerator. Friends have seen the floor and like it a lot.
Dan Wolf
The installation job is horrible. There are weird cuts (triangles and multiple seams that are unnecessary). You can see almost every seam that was made and the carpet is already unraveling where it is seamed together. The glue job on the threshold looks horrible. We were told they would repair or replace but the tenant has not heard from anyone since the original complaint was made. We were going to have our whole building done however at this point we are seeking alternative companies.
Vision Care Associates (Tabitha)
I love my new floors,
Rutha Jenkins